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EMSA/Licensed Childcare Provider Classes

Emergency Medical Services Authority Childcare Requirements

Licensed childcare providers need to have CPR and First Aid training to be compliant with state law. At this time, the training has to be in the classroom. Online trainings are not acceptable. Every two years both the CPR and First Aid need to be renewed. This training has to be provided by an EMSA approved provider . The Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid classes should each be 4 hours and are required for Childcare Providers.

CPR AED & First Aid (adult, child, infant, pediatric) (8 hours): $60.00
CPR AED (adult, child, infant) only: $45.00
First Aid (adult and pediatric) only: $40.00

You can refer to the Health & Safety Code, Section 1596 – 866 or the EMSA California website to see the requirements. Reference Section 100000.17.

You can download the policies and procedures manual or visit the Community Care Licensing website for more information.

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